Apparently *This* Is How Insomnia Feels

I am awake at 2:10 am. Why? I have abso-fricken-lutely no idea.

I really should be asleep, dreaming about butterflies and rainbows, pizzas with all the fixin’s, or being a millionaire. I have to be awake for work in 3 1/2 hours. Yeeahh… It’s going to be a long day tomorrow!

But as I try to make my brain shut off.. I get on the interwebs. Maybe the bright light of the computer screen will dry my eyes out and make them all watery.. no. I guess that won’t happen tonight.

In my search for zz’s I logged into FB. Then G+. And actually found a link to something that is a fantastic idea! ( ) Read it. Then continue. 🙂

It’s an awesome idea. I have more stuff than anyone my age should. And most of it is in storage. I guess having three sets of pitchers with goblets is a little excessive, since I have never used any of them in the two and a half years I’ve had them. The salad spinner I got at my bridal shower is still in the box, and I still have my clarinet from elementary.

While I cannot commit to a year (though I really should) I think I’m going to skip my food challenge and purge all the junk from my house in January. I’ll change the rules a little bit, like requiring a minimum of 2 items to toss everyday. Seven days a week too! Junk is still junk on the weekends after all.

Anyway.. I think I should probably try to snooze a little bit more before my alarm goes off soon. We will see if I still think this is a good idea after I get a full nights rest, and seeing as how tonight is New Years Eve.. You get the idea.

Happy New Years!

Apparently *This* Is How Insomnia Feels


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